Your Views: Sheriff Robert Spoden has integrity, respect, deserves re-election

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I will be voting for Sheriff Robert Spoden in the primary Aug. 12. For the past eight years, he has proven himself as an excellent leader for the Rock County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Spoden has implemented programs that have saved the taxpayers millions of dollars.

His jail alternative programs have allowed nonviolent offenders to remain in the community and to work off fines by providing many hours of community service work to a multitude of nonprofit organizations in Rock County. Sheriff Spoden’s expansion of RECAP has provided educational, treatment and vocational opportunities to many offenders in an effort to reduce the relapse of previous behaviors.

I attended the sheriff’s candidate forum, and the controversy about the Glock guns should not be an issue. Sheriff Spoden would never allow his deputies to operate with unsafe guns or equipment. The age of a gun is not an issue; maintenance programs are critical to having safe, functioning guns.

The BearCat benefits all of Rock County, so why should only Beloit and Janesville contribute to the purchase? This tactical safety vehicle was bought with money confiscated from drug dealers, not money from taxpayers.

Sheriff Spoden cares about our community and often expresses his pride in serving with the professional men and women of the sheriff’s office. He is a man with integrity and is well respected.  We are fortunate to have such a solid leader as our sheriff.  

Please vote for Sheriff Robert Spoden on Aug. 12.



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