Your Views: Mike Sheridan is candidate with most experience

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On Aug. 12, we choose sides! You have an opportunity to vote for the candidate who will do the most for Wisconsin. If you are a Democrat, you will have three options: Austin Scieszinski, Janis Ringhand or Mike Sheridan in the upcoming primary.

Of the three, Sheridan is the candidate with experience. He served as speaker of the Assembly and as UAW Local 95 president. He supports strong education, solid job creation, strong Wisconsin families, bargaining rights and the plight of our soldiers. Mike is determined to run a clean campaign without the usual mudslinging that often accompanies elections.

While Scieszinski has never held a political office, he did work on Tim Cullen’s campaign. I, for one, do not think his first political office should be in the state Senate—I would feel better if he cut his teeth on a school board panel or county board or some smaller, equally important, position. He is a personable young man, but he needs experience!

Since 1998, Ringhand has been successful in her district and her commitment to public service is admirable. She is the incumbent for District 45 and has held other elected positions. She’s a small-business owner, so I am not sure she has time for full-time politicking. She, too, lacks the experience of Sheridan.

Exercise your voting privilege Aug. 12. Choose a candidate with know-how and the experience to restore our great state!



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