Your Views: Austin Scieszinski falling short; Janis Ringhand earns her vote

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I just read a campaign ad for Austin Scieszinski. If he wins the primary, he gets my vote in November. But not in the primary. Why? Because he is not the best candidate of the three.

He says he is the “only candidate” with “new and innovative ideas” for jobs. He doesn’t state those ideas, so we cannot evaluate them. He is the “only candidate” to “call on” Gov. Walker to reverse his refusal to take Medicaid funds. Really? As if the governor actually listens to any Democratic primary candidate, and Janis Ringhand made her position quite clear while serving in the Assembly.

He notes the majority of his campaign funds come from district “residents.” This is commendable but not realistic as a campaign objective. Sadly, candidates need money to get elected, and not all comes from within the district.

He notes he is the “only candidate,” who has “managed a small business.” Janis Ringhand owned a family business for 17 years. He closes with being “the only candidate” who can bring “energy and enthusiasm” to “fight” for progressive values. Noble intentions, but Ringhand has already done that—successfully—in the state Assembly.

Sorry, Austin, the ad is impressive, but your campaign falls short. Perhaps you should run for Assembly and gain some valuable experience there. You are not yet ready for the state Senate.

Janis Ringhand certainly is ready, and I encourage everyone to cast a ballot for her Aug. 12.



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