Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On BTC referendum: Shame on Blackhawk Tech for trying to pass this in next week's election. They knew it wouldn't pass in spring, and now they try to sneak it through when there will be low turnout. They just received a grant, which was our money. How much of our money do they need? Just vote “no.”

-- Why are we going to vote Aug. 12 for additional money for Blackhawk Tech? Just ask Gov. Walker and Rep. Amy Loudenbeck why they removed 30 percent of the Blackhawk Tech funding in 2011. Where did that funding go? It's called WEDC, approving loans that the agency couldn't track, loans to two companies that later outsourced jobs to foreign countries.

-- The letter in Saturday's paper makes good points. But what she doesn't address is that this referendum for $4 million goes on for every year for as long as the college can get away with it. It's time for taxpayers to elect the college's board. It's taxation without representation.

-- Scott Walker and the Legislature cut my taxes by $76 for Blackhawk Tech. That is why I will be voting against the referendum. I want real property tax relief, not to increase spending for technical education.

On sheriff's race: It is apparent that Gary Groelle is the more fiscally responsible candidate because Sheriff Spoden is supporting the Blackhawk Tech referendum.

On Act 10: Dave Parr said in Friday's paper that the Supreme Court upheld Act 10 because there are more conservatives on the court than liberals. The vote was 5-2; the two “no” votes were from the out-of-touch radically liberal justices. Union workers paying a little for their pension and health care helps taxpayers and is not unfair.

-- Upholding Act 10 was a major victory for all taxpayers. Now we should work on removing tenure. Separating good teachers from the bad will be a major victory for children.

-- Your editorial on Page 6A Sunday is biased. You say the law is here to stay and that public employers and employees still must work together. Act 10 does not set a good environment for employees working together. It basically says do what your employers say. I'm not interested in your views and wish you would quit printing them.

On referendum petitions: Regarding Page 1A Thursday, Billy McCoy, I admire your zeal on these petitions, but I'm afraid this is a done deal and your petitions are going to go behind the same closed doors as the initial project did.

On skateboard park: The Janesville City Council should ask Edgerton what it thinks of a skateboard park. They had theirs dismantled because of the violence, language, and drug dealings. Our police have already staked out Bond Park. Now they're going to patrol it because of the skateboard park. Wake up.

On Milton officials: This is to whomever wins out of the three finalists for city administrator in Milton. Don't be afraid to ask for more money and more schooling paid for by your employer. It worked for Jerry Schuetz and the school district.

On errors: Oh my, it seems that almost every day recently I've spied typos in The Gazette. Recently there were two glaring errors on the front page. I think you need to hire proofreaders again.

On 15th Senate District race: Folks, let's not forget Mike Sheridan's embarrassing history with a lobbyist, resulting in a disgraceful exit from office. Ringhand is the clear choice. Her experience is strong, and her record is solid.

-- I'm very disappointed that Ringhand has been in the Assembly since 2010 and I just started hearing her name within the last couple months. I'm not sure what she has been doing. If she's playing it safe, she needs to be more vocal and stand up and really fight for us. I think I'm going to vote for Austin Scieszinski.

-- Scieszinski is only 23 years old! People who are in their 50s and 60s, consider how your perspectives and values often clash with your children. I want someone with maturity and experience. Ringhand gets my vote.

-- Sheridan is the best candidate. Scieszinski is way too young and makes comments that are off the wall. I don't really know the other opponent, but I do believe people should have a second chance. What someone has done in the past should not reflect the future.

-- I haven't heard a new idea from Ringhand yet. I don't care how many committees she's sat on. I want to know what new ideas she has for job creation and the economy. I don't think she has any. My vote is for Scieszinski. He has laid out his ideas.

-- I am a proud UAW Local 95 member, and I am not on the bandwagon with Local 95 backing Sheridan. The important thing is make sure you vote regardless of who it is you are voting for.

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