Your Views: Sheila De Forest will be effective, committed leader for us

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This month, our citizens can play a pivotal role in launching one of the most effective and committed leaders I know into our state’s Assembly. For 20 years, I have witnessed the smart, savvy, compassionate go-getter, Sheila De Forest, do the work that often no one else was willing to do.

I can think of no other individual within this district who repeatedly steps to the plate to understand the issues and find solutions that effectively meet the needs of our citizens. Whether it was having the courage to create a nonprofit for victims of sexual assault many years ago or chairing the Farm2School Coalition for farmers to partner with local schools, Sheila is relentless about listening and responding to people’s concerns. As a teacher, city councilor, social worker and advocate, Sheila has made a profound difference in the lives of people—young and old; rich and poor; black, brown and white—and I am certain that she will continue to do so at the state level, representing us with passion, perseverance, knowledge and pride.

I urge voters to utilize their important right on Tuesday, Aug. 12, and choose an experienced and dedicated individual with a record of producing results that benefit all of us.



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