Your Views: Sen. Tim Cullen’s support of Austin Scieszinski sways him

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I’ve known Tim Cullen for more than 50 years. We were schoolmates. His exceptional character caused him to stand out from the crowd even then, while characters like me more often stood out in the hallways or after school. Needless to say, we ran in different crowds. I doubt he even knew me. Not unusual in a class of some 500 students. Still, it has been with pride that I have followed his career over these years while my respect for him has grown.

Statesmanship is a rare commodity today, yet Tim Cullen is, in my opinion, one of those rare people to possess this valuable characteristic. That and his sound judgment and lifelong commitment to social issues have won my wholehearted support for him.

So when Tim endorsed Austin Scieszinski, that caught my attention. It caused me to carefully study the backgrounds of each of the candidates for Senate District 15.

I know Mike Sheridan, and I like and respect him. And I am glad the Democrats have such highly qualified candidates, any one of which would be better than their opponents. Yet I am swayed by Cullen’s support of Austin Scieszinski, and I hope some might be swayed by my seconding that support. In any case, I urge you to please vote on Aug. 12. Better yet, sign up to serve at the polls.



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