Your Views: Rock County clerk of circuit court supports Jacki Gackstatter

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am the clerk of circuit court for Rock County. I know the three candidates running for the position I hold. That's why I'm supporting Jacki Gackstatter.

Jacki has worked in my office the last four years as a collection/account specialist and has shown me she will make a good leader and administrator.

A very important part of what the staff does is working with the public every day. The staff must also interact with all court personnel and attorneys. Jacki does this in an extremely professional manner.

After watching Jacki's opponents at the forum online, I know my endorsement is the right choice for the office. One of Jacki's opponents was unable to answer all of the questions and appeared to have difficultly dealing with the stress at the forum. The other doesn't know how to read budgets and has no knowledge as to how they work. He said he will “build bridges” with the sheriff and district attorney offices as well as other agencies. I have worked well with all departments within the county.

Jacki has the district attorney and sheriff's endorsements, showing they trust Jacki to carry on the work within the clerk's office. Jacki's opponent said he would put in place processes that are already practiced in my office and have been for years. This shows his lack of knowledge about the clerk's office.

See for yourself by going to wclo.com/AUTO-RockCounty-Clerk-of-Courtscandidate-forum/19551685.

I ask for your votes Aug. 12 for Jacki Gackstatter.



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