Your Views: Janis Ringhand will fight for what’s best for us

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am supporting Janis Ringhand for state Senate. Janis has proven herself as an assemblyperson since her election in 2010. She will be ready to go as a state senator because of her experience in the Assembly.

She understands the need for unions and supports them. Education will be a priority with Janis as she realizes our local workers need training for so many of the jobs that are available. She also is committed to making our public schools stronger.

Janis understands and supports the needs of women in Wisconsin. She will fight for equal rights and women’s health issues.

Janis has a quiet, calm demeanor, yet is assertive and will fight for what is best for her constituents. She has a background in business and has worked her way up, beginning at the local level of public service.

Please share your support for Janis by voting for her Aug. 12.



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