Your Views: Janis Ringhand has background, experience for Senate seat

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

When you go to vote Aug. 12, remember that Janis Ringhand is the only candidate with the variety of public and political experience required for serving our district in the state Senate.

She has a successful record in dealing with private business through her family business. She was an alderwoman before becoming mayor of Evansville. She won a seat in the state Assembly, where she has served since 2010.

 With this kind of background, Janis is very well equipped to represent the constituencies within the far-flung 15th Senate District. We must remember that this district contains not only Janesville and half of Beloit but also smaller communities and substantial rural areas.

 Ringhand’s connections with labor (her husband was a UAW member for years), business and the rural community make her the only candidate with the varied background and experience required to give us the high-quality representation to which we have become accustomed. I urge that you vote for Janis Ringhand for state Senate on Aug. 12.



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