Your Views: Janis Ringhand’s ‘experience’ does little for constituents

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I’m writing this letter because of my disappointment in Janis Ringhand. In 2012, I voted for Janis because of her “experience.” I thought that was what was important, and I was wrong.

During the first Democratic forum for the 15th Senate District candidates, Janis stated that she’s running to be our next senator because it’s the next logical step in her career. We need someone who wants to fight for the people of Wisconsin, not to solely advance a career.

In an interview with WisconsinEye, Janis states that she talked to someone in Milwaukee who is in favor of the voucher school program, so they should be able to keep it. That same program takes millions of dollars from our public school system in District 15. Gov. Walker has launched a full-out attack on our public schools and teachers, and this position by Ringhand only encourages this movement.

Leadership is not measured by “experience”; it’s measured by how hard you fight for the people you’re elected to be the voice for. Clearly, Janis Ringhand is not that voice.



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