Your Views: Maturity, honesty make Austin Scieszinski best candidate

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Monday, August 4, 2014

I have been excited by the candidacy of Austin Scieszinski in the 15th Senate race. However, in a recent debate, Mike Sheridan insulted Austin because of his age. As a young person, I was offended when Mike said that Austin couldn't understand an issue because he was too young. What's worse is that, upon further investigation, Austin seemed to understand it better.

Mike said that he didn't sign on to a redistricting reform bill in 2009 because there was no bill and that redistricting reform could only occur after the 2010 census. The problem with that is “reforming” the redistricting process and the actual act of redistricting are two separate things.

 It's true that the state would only redraw political boundaries after the census, but reforming the way we redistrict in 2009 could, and should, have happened. In 2007, Mike was a co-author of redistricting reform, and in 2009, Mike removed his name from that reform bill and prevented additional measures of reform. As Assembly speaker, Mike blocked redistricting reform. When Austin tried explaining this disappointment, Sheridan immaturely cut him off and insulted Austin.

Austin is a mature and honest individual who prefers to use facts when debating. For this, and many other reasons, I know I'll be voting for Austin on Aug. 12. I hope everyone reading this looks into the records of his opponents and votes for Austin, as well.




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