Your views: Burke isn’t qualified to lead Wisconsin

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mary Burke is trying to manufacture an image of a competent job-creating businesswoman at Trek and an experienced government leader, touting her tenure as Commerce secretary for Gov. Doyle. She failed at both jobs.

Burke wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on a vacant lot on a Commerce Department deal under her “leadership” that created no jobs and leaves the state on the hook for $12.3 million. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that after a federal review, the state is now required to repay the money.

Burke’s Commerce Department had no written commitment from Abbott to develop the property or create jobs. HUD concluded that Burke’s Commerce Department “participated in a speculative land banking venture without ensuring that the funded activity” would be eligible. We would see more boondoggles like this if Burke were governor.

Burke repeatedly touts her experience at Trek to show her business building credentials. Trek outsourced jobs under Burke’s “leadership.” After the outsourcing was reported and Mary’s “leadership” was revealed to be detrimental to her campaign, Burke’s brother tried to take responsibility for it. There is no dispute that the vast majority (99 percent) of Trek bicycles are manufactured overseas, even though Burke dodges questions about it. She won’t say if Trek gets parts from China that it could get in the United States. She won’t say how much the workers who produce those parts, supplies and other materials are paid.

Mary Burke won’t answer questions because she is not qualified to lead Wisconsin.


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