Leon Hebert, Herschel Brodkey face off in 43rd District Assembly primary

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Andrea Behling
Sunday, August 3, 2014

MILTON—Two first-time candidates look to become the 43rd District Assembly Republican nominee in the Aug. 12 primary election.

Democratic incumbent Andy Jorgensen will face Herschel Brodkey of Janesville or Leon Hebert of Fort Atkinson in November.

The Republican candidates answered questions from The Gazette:

Q: What is one local issue you were concerned with that made you want to run for state Assembly?

Brodkey: It wasn't one local issue for me. It was a culmination of issues that were being improperly facilitated or not facilitated at all. It is the duty of our representative to try and facilitate the solutions to the problems in our district to the best of their ability. Here in the 43rd District, we have a representative who neglects to facilitate these solutions effectively. That is why I am running for the office. I will take the role of a facilitator and start working to solve the issues and concerns of the people of the 43rd district.

Hebert: Education is my primary concern. The state of Wisconsin can best deal with the education of our children!

Q: Both of you have indicated a need to prioritize road projects as the Department of Transportation's upcoming budget faces funding shortfalls. What do you think the DOT's top priorities should be for transportation in your district?

Brodkey: In my district, a top priority for the DOT should be to find an affordable and effective solution to the amount of business that has been rerouted out of Milton due to the Highway 26 Bypass. The current solution, a business route exit off of 26, is not satisfactory. A much better solution can be worked out, and in office I plan to work with the DOT and the people and business in Milton to find a solution that will bring costumers back to Milton.

Hebert: From my perspective, Highway 12 between Whitewater and Fort Atkinson could be improved by making it wider. Also, as it stands, the turn-off at Hoge Road is hazardous due to its angle and gradient. A turn-off lane would improve the situation significantly. In reference to Highway 26 between Fort Atkinson and Janesville, its utility could be enhanced for those traveling south if a turn-off were provided at John Paul Road.

Q: Both of you are first-time candidates. Is a lack of political experience a concern?

Brodkey: No it is not. I believe the “lack of political experience” is exactly what makes me qualified. We live in an age where the concept of the citizen-politician has become non-existent. Now we have the dreaded career politicians who are the root cause of entrenched politics.

The people of Wisconsin and the United States have spoken via polls and approval numbers and said they are unhappy with these kinds of politicians. Me, I have fresh eyes, a fresh perspective, and bring the enthusiasm needed to make a real difference for our district and the state of Wisconsin.

Hebert: Of course. However, I am thrilled and humbled to perhaps be given this responsibility by the citizens of the 43rd.

Q: What makes you the best candidate?

Brodkey: What makes me the best candidate is my youth. I bring energy and enthusiasm to a system in need of both. This enthusiasm brings a strong willingness and motivation to make a real difference for my constitutions. A willingness to stop the partisan rhetoric and fight to get things done. With my fresh ideas and motivation to make a difference, I will facilitate the most positive impact for our district.

Hebert: I have lived in this area for 43 years. I know the people and the needs of this area. I believe my experience and knowledge make me the best candidate for the 43rd Assembly.

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