Your views: Take joy in your right to vote

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Well it’s that time again. Elections are almost here.

I have read many opinions on one candidate or another, one position or another, etc. I just wanted to express the joy of voting.

Just think, people have lived their whole lives fighting for this right. People have died defending their right to do so. Many people in the world have only a superficial say in what their government does or doesn’t do. We have a free press, another thing we have had to fight for and die for to obtain throughout our history.

We are not perfect, but our government is responsive to us. We are free to vote. There is joy in that. Do not sell this right cheaply. There is much anger in the world and money.

These are tools the world uses to get your vote, to influence how you vote, but the right is yours and yours alone. Do it with pride and the knowledge it was earned and continues to be earned through the endeavors of those who believe in our freedom.

Vote with joy!


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