Your views: Groelle, Ringhand, Spreitzer deserve support

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Friday, August 1, 2014

I am voting for Gary Groelle and Janis Ringhand in the upcoming primary election. I also encourage those in the 45th Assembly District to support Mark Spreitzer.

Gary Groelle has the demeanor and team-building skills to be an excellent sheriff. Gary is knowledgeable about the department and has great ideas about how to make the sheriff’s office better. Gary’s motto, “It’s always better when we work together,” demonstrates the kind of person he is—a collaborator who will bring people together to solve problems. He will improve morale in the department and the safety of Rock County residents through his leadership.

Janis Ringhand has been fighting for us since 2010 as a member of the Assembly. Now she is running for the state Senate’s 15th District. Talk to Janis, and you will soon realize that she is a person of substance who applies her experiences in business and municipal government to the job. Janis will work to restore funding to public education and bargaining rights to public employees. She will be an advocate for the environment, women’s health and job creation.

I wish I could vote for Mark Spreitzer for the 45th, but I don’t live in his district. He impresses me with his dedication to the people he serves and ability to tackle difficult issues. He has been an excellent Beloit councilman and will be an excellent representative in the Assembly.

Gary Groelle, Janis Ringhand and Mark Spreitzer are strong public servants. Please support them on Aug. 12.


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