Your views: Coachman’s review unfair; food, service outstanding

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Friday, August 1, 2014

After reading the critical review of the Coachman’s Restaurant, I feel compelled to answer. What a disappointment for the owners to have such a mediocre review.
My opinion is much kinder. I eat a Coachman’s every week and find the food to be excellent, and the service is very good.

 As far as décor, what an insult! Joan Neeno found it to be dated. I know the dining rooms were decorated a short time ago. The walls have been painted; the window treatments and pictures have been changed. The furniture, beams, wood trim and doors are dark, which is of a vintage style. Another remark—“It looks worn.” The only place that has a worn look is the entrance door, which is used by so many customers.

Coachman’s is a family business, starting from a small country tavern. The restaurant has been remodeled, and several dining rooms have been added, along with a private dining area for small parties. It is a story of success with a big investment and a lot of work. Coachman’s celebrated their 50th anniversary last year; they must be doing something right.

It is unfair that one person’s opinion could influence the hundreds of Gazette subscribers by reading a mediocre or poor review. Years of establishing a good reputation and advertising can be ruined by one bad critique.

I would like to inform your many readers that from my experience, I think Coachman’s Restaurant & Golf Resort should have had a rating of “outstanding.”


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