Your views: Walker policies cost state money and jobs

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Gov. Walker is rejecting $1 million per day of available federal funds for Badger Care. The governor's refusal of federal funding for Medicaid expansion will cost taxpayers $100 million during the current budget and hundreds of millions of additional dollars in subsequent years. Walker's decision has cost the state more than 11,000 jobs. Federal dollars would have covered 90 percent of the cost and would have brought $2.4 billion of tax money back into the state.

Walker canceled the high-speed rail contract that would have eventually linked thriving tech-based companies and leading universities in a corridor between Minneapolis and Chicago via Madison and Milwaukee. This could have been a 400-mile economic engine between two high-powered metropolises spurring jobs and economic opportunity for Wisconsin. Other states quickly gobbled up the $810 million, leaving Wisconsin with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for breech of contract.

Walker has made deep tax cuts of nearly $2 billion with the promise of growing 250,000 jobs. The jobs have not occurred, revenues have dropped, and long-term debt is at historic levels. Walker has increased long-term debt by $1.2 billion and by January 2015, Wisconsin's debt is projected to reach $14 billion.

Considering the millions of federal dollars that Walker has rejected or left on the table, along with the thousands of potential jobs lost, his policies are extracting a high cost on Wisconsin both presently and beyond the foreseeable future.


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