Your views: Groelle's fundraising shows he can bring people together

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

I was impressed with Capt. Gary Groelle's campaign finance report. Groelle announced he was running for office on March 29 of this year, and this report covered through June 30. He raised $30,464 in that short period of time.

So why does that matter? It demonstrates that Groelle can do what he claims to be able to do. He can bring people together to work for the highest and greatest good of the community like he said in his speech announcing he was getting in the race. Groelle can apply his leadership skill set and training that he learned over the years and at the FBI Leadership Academy.

It's testimony to the fact that those who know Groelle, his integrity and leadership style are willing to back him financially. It shows that there is tremendous, broad support for change in Rock County, especially with the endorsements from Janesville police officers and the state and local American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. It is a clear endorsement of his well-thought-out strategy to combat the heroin epidemic in Rock County.

This is in contrast to Spoden, who only raised $15,000, and he is the polished, well-spoken long-term politician in the race. He is the politician the politicians want in.
Rock County is ready for more leadership and less politics. Join me in voting for Capt. Gary Groelle for sheriff Aug. 12.


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