Your views: Scieszinski has fresh ideas for growing jobs in area

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When it comes to the 15th Senate District race, the issue of jobs should be at the forefront. At a recent debate on WCLO, the candidates were all asked what new and innovative ideas they had to grow jobs in our area.

I was impressed with Austin Scieszinski’s response. He laid out a five-point plan that included new, original ideas that will help our local economy. He even named it “Betting on Wisconsin.”

While Austin offered great new ideas on jobs, the other candidates, Mike Sheridan and Janis Ringhand, failed to come up with a single new idea for job creation. I was dumbfounded. Despite the moderator asking only about new and innovative ideas, both candidates turned to the past and spoke only in generalities about old, stale ideas that the state has tried for several years with limited success.

How could a candidate who is serious about running for state Senate fail to have a single new idea on job creation? Mike Sheridan and Janis Ringhand certainly didn’t appear to have given the issue of jobs much thought.

We have all seen the old policies fail to really impact our local economy. I couldn’t believe that Sheridan and Ringhand were okay with the status quo. How could they not come up with a single new idea on job creation?

Austin shined in the debate by offering real ideas and a new approach to job creation.
Austin Scieszinski earned my vote on August 12.


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