Your views: Ringhand spends tax dollars wisely

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Janis Ringhand is the best person to represent us as state senator for the 15th District. She has a history of working hard on projects and getting results as a previous small business owner, alderperson, mayor and state representative. She understands the importance of state commerce and agriculture, and that is evident in her efforts with each.

She has the experience to serve our best interests especially in education and job creation, and her work as our state representative reflect those efforts. Janis has been endorsed by numerous organizations across the spectrum of representation, including WEAC, AFCME, Clean WI Action Fund and Progressive United for WI. This tells me that Janis listens readily and willingly to all of her constituents.

Janis' education is in finance. She approaches spending your tax dollars thoughtfully. I feel she will be careful with your tax dollars and spend them wisely for the greater good of Wisconsin.

Please join me in voting for Janis Ringhand in the primary election Aug. 12.


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