Your views: Endorsements speak volumes about Groelle

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

With the impressive endorsements from the Janesville Professional Police Association and AFSCME, it is very clear that Gary Groelle is the right choice for Rock County sheriff.

These organizations, like many others, have taken notice of Groelle's strong qualifications, including his collaborative leadership style, budget discipline and dedication to the safety of the citizens. They realize Groelle can accomplish the tough tasks and get done what is needed to improve our community. His education and 32 plus years of experience are remarkable, including graduating from the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Since announcing his candidacy, Groelle has been vocal about a specific plan to help fight the escalating heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic. His strategy involves utilizing local professionals and implementing evidence-based solutions. He understands that it will take the whole community to win this battle.

Groelle cares more about safety and less about political image. Two years ago, Bob Spoden chose to spend $40,000 toward a single safety item (that is used infrequently). Working together with other local law enforcement agencies, Rock County had an opportunity to save that money, borrow this piece of equipment as needed, and then would have had the financial resources back in 2012 to replace the 15-20-year-old-guns being carried now. It is decisions like this that require the logical prioritizing and budget discipline that Groelle possesses.

For these reasons, and many more, Gary Groelle has my vote for the next Rock County sheriff.


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