Sound Off for Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On sheriff's race: When protestors stormed the state Capitol a few years ago, the Dane County sheriff said he'd refuse to put his deputies in a position to be palace guards. Rock County Sheriff Spoden agreed with him. I consider the Capitol a landmark that needs to be protected. At that time, I vowed I'd never vote for Spoden.  I urge everyone to vote for Gary Groelle as our new sheriff.

On Senate race: I've been watching the candidates for the state Senate.  Austin Scieszinski seems impressive to me with his intelligence, drive and integrity. Mike Sheridan has name recognition, but everything else seems a little flat and dull to me.

-- There's no way Scieszinski can get us back on track. He couldn't even behave himself in the forum this week at the fair. He was negative and neglected the real issues. Too often leaders get negative and neglect the real issues and they accuse others. He does not have new ideas. He just touts what Tim Cullen tells him to say.  It's clear to me that Mike Sheridan is the next senator of the 15th District.

-- Mike Sheridan's response to Jim Kreuser's letter to the editor as printed in Friday's Gazette shows what's wrong with politics in Wisconsin. In Mike's mind, it's all about how much money I can get from the state taxpayers.  I will not be voting for Mike Sheridan but will vote for one of the other candidates.

-- I listened to the radio debate for the three candidates running for senate. Austin Scieszinski was the only one who seems to have any new ideas. Sheridan only seemed interested in hurling insults.

-- I'm a young voter, and at age 26, I am two years older than one of the candidates for Senate, which makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable. I am voting for Mike Sheridan because he has leadership experience, fresh ideas and the energy to get things done.

-- Mike Sheridan's only campaign tactic is to insult Austin Scieszinski because of his age.  Austin has ideas, and Mike doesn't, so Mike's only retort is to go negative.

-- This is related to the letter comparing Bill Kramer from the Republican Party to Mike Sheridan. Kramer is accused of committing a crime—sexual assault. Sheridan made a bad dating choice, which most people have in their lifetime. I've worked in the abuse business my whole life, and I'm offended that somebody would link two men that are so different together. It was irresponsible and incorrect. Mike Sheridan is a good man who made a mistake. Kramer is a criminal.

On money in politics: When did elections become all about which candidate can raise the most money in their campaign fund? This money is used to bash other candidates and as a tax write-off for donors who expect favors in return.

On city official: I read the paper all the time about Gale Price giving the opinion of the city. I equate Gale Price to the ESPN analyst about the Packers draft. He's never done it, so what does he know about it?

On elections: Could we move them to the wintertime when all this hot air would be welcomed?

On Obama: I said over five years ago Obama was out to break the United States financially and militarily. Benghazi, the IRS, illegal immigrants, the Ukraine, Iraq and everything else, just like Nero who fiddled while Rome was burning.  I think he's got to be impeached before he ruins the United States.

-- Calling President Obama a bystander president isn't right.  A bystander is usually close to the situation. President Obama only gets near the golf course and fundraisers. AWOL fits him better.

On insensitive driver: To the person who ran over my neighbor's little dog on Friday morning and didn't stop.  Yes, I know he was running loose, but he had snuck out, and nobody knew.  You could have at least had the decency to stop and try to help. Instead, you drove away and left him lying there.  Shame on you.

On mailboxes: I agree with the lady that wrote who says she is 5 feet, 5 inches and couldn't reach the mail slot in the mailbox behind the post office. I drove by there the other day before I even saw her item, and I'm 6-1, and I tried to get into that slot, and it was too high for me.

-- Whose idea was it to take the mailboxes down from behind the post office and put up a new one that is too far from the curb and too high for most of us to be able to reach and put mail in from our cars?

On Thunderbirds: This is in regards to the article about the Thunderbirds at EAA Oshkosh. There needs to be some due diligence done because the Air Force runs the Thunderbirds, and the Navy runs the Blue Angels. You guys had it backward.

On cellphones: This one goes out for the girl that had her cellphone catch on fire because she had it under her pillow.  We need to stop this love affair with our telephones and start paying attention to other things in life, like driving and taking your children for a walk without a phone, text-messaging nonstop. Let's get back to the basics. You've got to be a little smarter than the object you're working with.

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