Your views: Sheridan has proven record of helping all constituents

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Monday, July 28, 2014

I first met Mike Sheridan when he was elected to the state Assembly. As an advocate of town government and various agricultural groups, it was important to brief him on pertinent issues.

A lifelong conservative, I was dubious of the reception I would receive. Mike was friendly, listened to my concerns, and gave me all the time I needed to cover rural and town government concerns.

I was very impressed with Mike. It was obvious he was a quick study on the issues by the questions he asked me. It was also clear he knew how to cut through the bureaucracy to get results.

Mike proved himself as an effective negotiator when the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, which was intent on building a weigh station in the town of La Prairie. Working with Sheridan, the town was able to reduce the footprint of the project by 50 percent, which resulted in saving 20 acres of farmland.

My experiences working with him were always cordial. He was fair, his word was good, and he was willing to listen to the rural perspective.

Mike possesses the vision, leadership skills, and experience needed to be an effective senator. He has a proven track record of helping rural and urban constituents.
I encourage the voters of the 15th Senate District to vote for Mike Sheridan in the Democratic primary Aug. 12.


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