Your Views: As state Assembly speaker, Mike Sheridan proved to be no leader

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Last year, Republicans in the Assembly scrambled to condemn and remove the man they elected as majority leader once they learned of his history of sexism and abuse of women. State Rep. Bill Kramer was selected by his party to a leadership role, but during his time as majority leader, he did not act like a leader.

In 2009, Democrats in the Assembly elected Mike Sheridan as their speaker. Sheridan was elected to a leadership position, but just like Bill Kramer, he never proved himself capable of leading. In his short time as speaker, Mike was willing to sacrifice his ideals, preferring instead to pursue the support of high-powered lobbyists and deep-pocketed industries such as the payday-loan industry. Mike “led” by pursuing campaign donations rather than moving the Democratic agenda forward.

Republicans would tell you today that while Bill Kramer was elected to a leadership position, he certainly is no leader. The same goes for Mike Sheridan. Mike is running in the Democratic primary for the 15th Senate District and is trying to convince people that he is a proven leader. When he was elected as speaker, all he proved was that he was a man of no conviction and no heart.

It takes more than just being elected as a leader to actually prove yourself as a leader. Kramer was no leader. Sheridan isn’t either. Mike has lost our confidence and certainly does not deserve your consideration for state Senate.



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