Your Views: Robert Spoden leads sheriff’s office with maturity, integrity

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thank you Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden for consistently taking the high road throughout your bid for re-election.

While your opponent has engaged in negative rhetoric and political mudslinging, you have conducted yourself with maturity and class befitting the office of sheriff. Not only have you shown respect for your office, but just as important you have shown respect for us, the citizens of Rock County. I am not impressed with negative buzzwords, divisiveness and inflammatory half-truths that insult my intelligence. I am, however, impressed with fiscal responsibility, innovative programs that benefit the community and real solutions.

Maturity, integrity, intelligence and an ability to bring people together are the qualities that make for a great leader. How fortunate for those of us who live and work in Rock County that you possess those qualities. It’s precisely why we have elected you sheriff time and again. On Aug. 12, I look forward to casting my vote for you to continue to lead law enforcement in Rock County.



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