Your Views: Austin Scieszinski promises to be type of leader we need

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

After watching him on WisconsinEye and talking with him as he campaigned door to door, I have decided to vote for Austin Scieszinski to be our next state senator.

 Austin received a degree in finance and accounting from UW-Madison. Austin has experience as a legislative aide for Sen. Tim Cullen. An impressed Tim endorsed Austin and declared him to be the “hardest worker and the most dedicated to helping people.” Austin has gained the respect and endorsement of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation because he is dedicated to “agricultural issues, has an open mind, and has a high energy level.”

 Austin sent an open letter to Gov. Walker urging him to reverse the decision to deny 120,000 Wisconsin citizens quality health care by rejecting billions of dollars in federal Medicaid expansion.

Austin also stands for:

(1) Helping workers climb out of the recession by raising the minimum wage.

(2) Supporting public schools and especially students who want to attain higher education.

(3) Protecting our environment, and local control over mining issues.

(4) Fighting voter suppression.

(5) Attracting small businesses and job creators to our area.

(6) Finding ways to invest in roads and infrastructure.

 We need young, hardworking leaders with new perspectives and new ideas. Austin promises to be this kind of leader. For all of these reasons, I believe the best choice we can make for our next 15th District state senator is Austin Scieszinski. Please vote for Austin in the primary Aug. 12.



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