Sound Off for Sunday, July 27, 2014

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

On 15th Senate District race: It seems some people actually hold Mike Sheridan responsible for the General Motors shutdown. It’s really strange because I saw Mike work hard to appease GM and change their minds.

-- I want a senator who has leadership experience, is a great communicator, is full of energy and initiative and has great working relationships around the state. Join me in voting for Sheridan in the Democratic primary.

-- What is it with Sen. Cullen leading this young guy, Austin Scieszinski, around everywhere he goes? Let the kid speak for himself. If you wanted to lead something around like that, Sen. Cullen, you should have taken a calf to the fair.

-- If you get fired from a job for poor performance, you don’t come back a few years later and ask for a promotion. Why does Sheridan think we would elect him to the Senate after we gave him the pink slip for his failure to lead as state representative?

-- After listening to the debates, I’ve decided on Scieszinski. Janis Ringhand is just too passive, and I’m worried she’s not going to stand up and fight. She needs that fire, and Scieszinski has that fire.

-- The wide majority of residents live in the greater Janesville-Beloit or Milton areas. Ringhand is a lifelong resident of Evansville, whose economy is tied to the Madison economy. I believe Ringhand doesn’t understand the Janesville-Beloit-Milton economy and is the wrong choice.

-- I listened to the forum on WCLO. Scieszinski’s answers were hollow and shallow. He needs to run for city council and cut his teeth there and climb through the ranks. This election is for senator. It’s a very important job, and blaming the past in bumper-sticker talk doesn’t get you there. I’ll be voting for Ringhand.

-- After hearing the candidates debate July 23, it’s clear that Ringhand is the best. She is not only the most qualified but has proven how committed she is to her constituents and their concerns.

On BTC referendum: Voting for the $4 million referendum for Blackhawk Technical College (Page 3A, Monday) does not sound too bad if it was only a one-time deal. Keep in mind that if you vote for it, you will be paying every year forever. That $4 million adds up to $40 million after 10 years, $80 million after 20 years and so on.

-- I’m not saying the school doesn’t need improvement, but asking for a referendum that’s ongoing so they don’t have to come back is like opening your checkbook and saying it’s OK to keep taking.

On Jerry Schuetz: Taxpayers of the Milton School District would like to see a job description for his public relations position. We’d like to know what he’s going to be doing.

On Graffts: Regarding Tuesday’s front-page about turning the old appliance building into a banquet hall, I only have one bit of advice for the Graffts: How about doing something with the Monterey Hotel first? It seems the hotel has been on the back burner for many, many years and that property would benefit from being updated.

On gubernatorial race: Some have said Gov. Walker, as a good conservative, should not criticize businesses for outsourcing jobs. That’s not the issue. The issue is the hypocrisy of Mary Burke demanding  $10 an hour for Wisconsin workers while your own company outsources jobs to the cheapest areas in China where you pay only $2 an hour.

On Rock County 4-H Fair: I’m very pleased they do not serve alcohol on the fairgrounds while the fair is taking place, but they need to go a step further and ban smoking. The stench of that smoke is horrific.

On sheriff’s race: I have trouble with a sheriff’s supervisor who seems to have all these ideas but fails to bring them forward in departmental meetings and to date has not explained why he hasn’t. I have even a bigger issue with a candidate who can’t discern the difference between an armored vehicle and a tank. Sheriff Spoden is going to get my vote.

On bicyclists: They need to observe the same rules of the road as cars, motorcycles and all other vehicles. I just about got hit at the corner of Lexington and Ruger by a lady on a bicycle who didn’t want to stop because she didn’t want to put her feet down.

On city parks: This is in regards to Wednesday’s Sound Off about how great the parks look. They should look great—the parks department is fully staffed. People wondering why the streets look like they do should ask if the street department is fully staffed. There are a lot of vacancies.

On burglaries: There’s been a lot in the paper about break-ins to homes, but things also are being stolen out of garages. My grandson’s bike, which was right up near the house by the open garage, was stolen in daylight. Please be aware and keep garage doors closed.

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