Your Views: Stop picking on Janesville companies

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Friday, July 25, 2014

There aren’t many of us left who are afraid to state our opinions or say what’s on our minds. It’s a freedom of speech deal. I would like to say—and will—get off the Graffts’ backs.

You’re just dreaming up stuff—how can I hose these people and their intentions with their property? You make up excuses for permits so you can get them for the almighty dollar. Stop and look at it. Maybe they’re dragging their feet just to get even with you. Would like to see it that way. They’re tired of the hosing they’re getting from you.

Now for July 11 paper regarding Sears, Target, Blain Supply and Menards, wake up there, too. This city would be the size of Footville if they said “sayonara” and moved out of here. That would make the state gripe that unemployment is highest it’s ever been in Rock County. The stores employ many people. That doesn’t mean diddly. You stick it to them, too.

Get your head out of where you sit and wake up. After all, it makes your city look like it’s just beginning to be one.



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