Your Views: Is it really worth it to spy on our US friends?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

The spying issue has come to the surface again. Why would anyone want to spy on America and face the prospect of deportation? Instead, you can subscribe to the New York Times for three months and you will come to know everything you ever wanted to know and more.

In the same way, why would you want to spy on Germany? You can subscribe to the New York Herald Tribune (the European edition of the New York Times) or to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for three months. You can get much more information than you would by spying.

All American soldiers injured in the Afghan and Iraqi wars are first brought to Ramstein Air Base in Germany and treated by German and American doctors. You don’t have to spy on friends like Germany—to the chagrin of Angela Merkel—or England or Australia.

You may think it worthwhile to spy on Russia or China and, perhaps, occasionally on your spouse, but only if your marriage is already falling apart!

Many years ago, the CIA picked a beautiful American girl and sent her to Africa with the instruction to flirt with the Soviet ambassador to a prominent African country and get defense secrets. In fact, she did one better. She slept with him and came back with the startling Russian defense secret. He was a homosexual! That means, we were back to the drawing board.



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