Web Views for Friday, July 25, 2014

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July 25, 2014


On little talk of moving fairgrounds: Oh yeah, let’s not utilize the abandoned GM plant for a new fairgrounds. I’m sure dozens of manufacturers have thought of snapping that property up since GM abandoned it. We can’t crush the dreams of those who believe GM might come back to town. … Instead, let’s take more prime farmland out of agricultural production in a noncentrally located area of the county.

-- Kevin Goebel

-- It is too bad that this continues to come to light, only to die again. Time has long passed on recognizing that this is a problem and will continue to get worse. This needs to be brought up on the priority list every month, not just during fair time, or shortly after.

-- hdonlybob

On injury ends Hammon’s UW playing days: I had the opportunity to know Nate as a competitor to my son in high school. A tremendous young man. I am saddened to hear this. I have no doubt that he will excel in whatever he chooses to do in life.

-- Barry Badertscher

On Graffts to renovate Main Street building: The city better not let them do anything until they do something with their other properties. Do these people ever finish anything or just half tear things down?

-- Truthtelller

-- Work will start; a mess will be made; work will stop, and we will have an eyesore on Main Street. Would like to think positive on this, but so far Grafft’s record isn’t exactly one that inspires it.

-- RetArmy

On Forward Janesville backs Blackhawk referendum: I do not understand why they want an open checkbook to increase the levy each year by $4 million. When does it stop? We should have a year that it is looked at again. What is it that this is going to cost $4 million each year going forward?

-- Dave Winter

-- Blackhawk Tech enrollment has been dropping for years. Wisconsin high school graduate numbers are also dropping. There is less need for technical school capacity now and in the future in Wisconsin. It’s logical that Blackhawk Tech should keep downsizing. So, vote “no” on the referendum.

-- philosophyofliberty

On heroes save Pick ’n Save worker: Kudos to everyone who pitched in to help make this a success story!

-- Solo_Voce

-- Learn where to take a CPR class: www.redcross.org/lp/take-a-class.

-- philosophyofliberty

On teacher resigns after online comments: This is a sad situation, but another example of today’s wide open world, especially with computers, where every time you type a word, someone can interpret it any way they want. Nothing is private anymore.


-- Perhaps she wasn’t cut out to be a teacher.

-- wislady


To John Eyster: Obama doesn’t know the meaning of transparency. Never has and never will.

-- RetArmy

-- For once I totally agree with you, John. Thanks for the article.

-- Truthtelller

To Greg Peck: Greg, those first two pictures aren’t problems, they’re the fourth and seventh holes of the Ruger Avenue Street Golf Course, Janesville’s newest sport. Potholes are hazards, and any ball that is inside the sidewalk of any residential property is out of bounds. Street Golf is the newest fad endearing itself to financially beleaguered municipalities hoping to entertain residents using the (fewest) tax dollars.

-- Kevin Goebel

-- This pothole thing is such a First World problem. Considering we actually still have “some” marginally paved roads. Your road repair money is in Iraq/Afghanistan, where we fought for a decade; safely saying, several trillion dollars of it.

-- Robert Keith

-- If the world had more citizens like you, Greg, ones who not only show concern but take personal steps to help and improve conditions, I think it would be a much better place than it is now.

-- Solo_Voce

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