Two moms want Darien strip club billboard gone

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Staff | July 25, 2014

ELKHORN—Two Elkhorn mothers have vowed to get a provocative new billboard for a Darien strip club removed from its East Troy location along Interstate 43, according to a story from Milwaukee TV station Fox6News.

Dorene Muenkel and Lisa Stoll said the ad for the Show Palace in Darien of a woman wearing black lingerie and holding onto a pole raises concerns about decency. The women say they don't like having to drive past the billboard, particularly with their young kids in the car.

Muenkel and Stoll protested to the office of Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, but were told state regulations limit a billboard's size and lighting conditions.

According to the story, a statement was released from a spokesman at the Show Palace, apologizing to the women, but saying the billboard follows ordinance requirements, and the club has received no other complaints about the ad.

“We pride ourselves on classy advertising and classy entertainment,” the statement read.

Muenkel and Stoll say they will continue their fight.

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