Everything you need to know about the 2014 Rock County 4-H Fair.

Raising green for blue ribbons: Houseplant exhibitors compete at the fair

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Angel Idowu
Friday, July 25, 2014

JANESVILLE--Maryann Dubree knew what she was looking for while judging the houseplants exhibits at the Rock County 4-H Fair on Thursday.

“It's all about a good-looking plant,” Dubree said. “You want to look at the shape and how it grows, if it's had enough sunlight and was consistently turned, growth, blooming development, things like that.”

The Rock County 4-H Fair is about more than animals and carnival rides. Kids in 4-H work on projects in a variety of areas.

On Thursday, it was the turn for those who have raised houseplants to be judged.

Dubree inspected each plant in each category, checking off specifics on her checklist. When she was finished, each plant received a red, blue, pink or white ribbon.

The trophy is awarded to the contestant with the most points. The merit award goes to the contestant with the highest blue ribbon score.

Alyssa Mullan of Janesville's Badger 4-H was awarded the trophy. Hayden Hesiz of Evansville's Center 4-H received the merit award.

Assistant Superintendent Denise Braukhoff worked with Dubree.

“I'm always at the fair and really enjoy working in the houseplant exhibit,” Braukhoff said. “It's refreshing to be in the midst of all of these plants. They are great for air, and really do make a difference, which is what people don't realize. That's why I always keep a few in my room at home.”

Dubree has been houseplant judge for about eight years.

“The distinctiveness of the cactus is amazing,” Dubree said, talking about the cactus section of the exhibit. “Plants are cleaners, they remove pollutants from the air. It's fantastic.”

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