Our Views: Austin Scieszinski has new ideas and broad background

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Friday, July 25, 2014

The state Senate primary election Aug. 12 gives me the opportunity to vote for someone new and different for the 15th District, Austin Scieszinski.

Austin is a person of a diverse and qualified background. His education is in finance and accounting, but he has practical experience both in the public sector—working for state Sen. Tim Cullen at the Capitol—and in the private sector—working for a Fortune 500 company and helping run a local, small business.

This district needs someone with a broad background and new ideas. The state Capitol has become stagnant with nothing being accomplished. Let’s not put the same people back in office with the same regime. We need young people with new, fresh ideas who are willing to work together to get this accomplished.

Austin has my full support. I am looking forward to placing my vote for him on the ballot Aug. 12.



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