Sound Off for Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On downtown redevelopment: Regarding Page 1A Friday, “Residents excited over plans for downtown,” before the city council allocates $1 toward the Rock Renaissance strategy, the council needs to react to continued resident complaints about Jim Grafft and his downtown structural eyesores. Why the delay?

-- I’m referring to Friday’s front-page article. We are grateful to have Ryan Garcia and City Manager Mark Freitag to cherish our city. Thank you.

-- Mr. Garcia, we the seniors are OK with our senior center. Leave it alone.

On sheriff’s race: Capt. Gary Groelle might have more formal education than Sheriff Robert Spoden, but common sense would have told him don’t start mudslinging your opponent on your very first question in a forum.

-- Regarding last Thursday’s front page, I believe The Gazette sided toward Capt. Groelle with words inappropriate. Actually, Sheriff Spoden spoke from the heart and from his brain versus Groelle, who had to have a card in front of him when he answered questions. I feel much safer knowing that we have Sheriff Spoden.

On giving away pets: Please do not sell or give away your pet on craigslist. A man was recently convicted of torturing and dismembering five dogs he got from craigslist. If you must give up your pet, please use a rescue organization that will screen potential adopters.

On sports coverage: Regarding last Wednesday’s sports page, I was very disappointed that they had the Kiwanis golf tournament for the boys and girls but no pictures of the girls, just the boys. The girls worked just as hard to be in that tournament.

On Schuetz hiring: We are furious that the Milton School Board created a not-needed job for their buddy Jerry Schuetz. They could have hired two teachers for the same money. Why don’t they tell us which ones voted for this so we can be sure not to vote next time for them?

-- In Sunday’s Sound Off, a person said Schuetz should resign his school position. I would prefer that we got a petition up and got a referendum to eliminate the position.

On Senate race: Janis Ringhand has experience as an assemblyperson necessary to be a state senator. She is assertive but yet stays calm when dealing with people. That’s the kind of person we need to represent us as a state senator. Vote on Aug. 12 for Ringhand.

-- Austin Scieszinski’s endorsement by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau shows their support because of his knowledge and understanding of the issues that face the rural and urban voters. So please show your support by voting for him.

-- If Tim Cullen wants to stay in the Senate, he should just run on his own campaign instead of pushing someone on to us. It’s really not fair to the other candidates; it’s not fair to the young man, and it’s not fair to his constituents to have to put up with on-the-job training of Scieszinski.

On courthouse tower: I agree with Thursday’s editorial. It does not look anything like the beautiful towers used to look on the courthouse and other elegant buildings in the city. Instead, it looks like nothing other than a desktop computer’s tower. That’s not architecturally significant; that’s not something we want.

On Mideast battle: Regarding Friday’s Nation/World story on Israel invading Gaza, go to the last paragraph, where the truth generally lies. It says Hamas is launching attacks from heavily populated residential areas, including schools and mosques. Now you know why civilians are being killed.

On airline tragedy: Lest we forget, on July 3, 1988, the U.S. Navy shot down an Iranian Airbus A300, killing all 290 passengers and crew members on board. It’s time to listen once again to Pete Seeger’s “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.”

On pizza place: A Sound Off Sunday complained we have too many pizza places on the south side of Janesville. It’s called free enterprise. This gentleman who put the pizza place there is putting up his own money. If he wants to open a new place and take a vacant building and turn it into a positive, that’s great.

On car safety: The government likes to tout how many lives have been saved because of airbag deployment. Could we please get a figure on how many people have been killed, maimed or hurt because of airbag deployment? I also wonder how many of these faulty parts that are causing recall problems for American manufacturers are foreign-made parts.

On City of Parks: I went around Janesville, and they all look really nice. The parks department is doing a great job. Even Marquette Park looks really nice. Thanks for all the hard work.

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