Your Views: Sheila De Forest proves she can get things done

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For two decades, Sheila De Forest has proven that she can tackle complex issues with win-win solutions that benefit all the stakeholders involved.

In a recent example, I turned to Sheila and asked her to spearhead a countywide farm-to-school coalition that others were having trouble getting off the ground. It required bringing a wide range of sectors together to the table: school food service directors, farmers market managers, local growers, school board members, food processors and distributors, school administration, the UW Extension and the county health department. Thanks to Sheila's leadership, incredible progress has been made toward helping local growers get their produce into schools, creating a new market for them and resulting in more children having increased access to fresh, healthy food and increasing school meal participation, which is important in helping schools stay financially afloat.

It's one thing to talk about what needs to happen. It's quite another to prove that you can actually get things done. We need someone like Sheila in Madison getting things done for us. On Aug. 12, please vote for Sheila De Forest for Wisconsin Assembly.



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