Your Views: As lawmaker, Mike Sheridan made poor decisions

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mike, Sheridan, when you were elected to the Legislature, I served as leader of the Assembly Democratic Caucus. I enjoyed working with you and believed you had a bright future. When I retired from the Assembly, I was proud to turn the leadership reins over to you. Boy, do I regret supporting you as leader.

Among a series of poor choices, your having an inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist, who had a major issue before the Legislature, reflected a true lack of leadership.

Power changed you. You were one of the top leaders in Wisconsin. This didn’t mean you could hold your office hours on the golf course. Your service was selfish rather than selfless.

Ultimately, your constituents suffered the most from your poor choices. Their disappointment was reflected in your re-election loss in 2010.

I never thought you would crawl out from the wreckage and actually run for public office again. You learn a lot about a person when his back is up against the wall. You continue to blame everyone else for decisions you made. Your refusal to accept responsibility for your actions demonstrates that you are still not ready to return to public office. I doubt you ever will be.

I have joined more than 30 current and former Democratic legislators in endorsing Janis Ringhand for state Senate. More than half served with you in the Legislature. Janis is a trusted, proven leader who will be a tremendous state senator. I encourage all to vote for her Aug. 12.


Kenosha County executive

Former Assembly Democratic leader

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