Your Views: Moneyed interests won’t sway Sheila De Forest

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Monday, July 21, 2014

We need a representative who walks the talk!

Sheila De Forest understands that the fight to get money out of politics has to begin with the way she finances and runs her campaign. She is not chasing endorsements or donations from organized groups. She is determined to stay focused on representing individuals. That is why she is not taking money from any group: political party, PAC, business or union. She wants to avoid even the perception that her vote on a piece of legislation has anything to do with an endorsement or donation she has received.

I want a representative who does not face pressure to repay favors. I want someone in Madison who will do what’s best for the people she represents, not an organized group who helped get her there.

Don’t fall for the countless mailings and ads that big money can buy the opponent. Please vote for a real person for real people: Sheila De Forest for state Assembly on Aug. 12.



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