Your Views: Mike Sheridan understands it takes a village to raise a child

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Monday, July 21, 2014

I want to express my support for Mike Sheridan for state senator.

He has a proven record for getting things accomplished in the Legislature. When he was in the Legislature, he was able to improve access to autism supports. The public should have great concerns with the autism epidemic and the impact it has on families, education and the economy. MIT research puts prevalence at one in two by 2025.

As an autism advocate, I greatly appreciated Sheridan taking the time to talk to me and discuss my concerns regarding medical and educational autism supports. His willingness to schedule an opportunity to meet face to face with families and discuss options to make treatment better and more accessible is why he has my vote. We need legislators like him who are willing to deal with current issues and see how applications of our laws impact families so we can make effective change.

I hope we can create a partnership and work together to help children on the spectrum. My dream would be an autism initiative that enhanced the role of occupational therapists within schools, to address sensory processing disorders and the maladaptive behaviors associated with it. Ninety-four percent of children with autism have SPD.

Failure to have access to supports within schools impacts those children's ability to achieve recovery, hurts them medically and undermines any independent therapies. It takes a village to raise a child, and we would be fortunate to have Mike Sheridan part of that solution.



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