Your Views: Austin Scieszinski reminds her of former Sen. Bill Proxmire

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July 21, 2014

Bill Proxmire was one of the greatest senators Wisconsin ever had. He truly cared about average people and making sure their voices were heard. He was always out meeting people at ball games and county fairs, not sitting in boardrooms with lobbyists like current elected officials. He listened to their concerns and then took action on their concerns.

Lately, I have been lamenting the fact we don’t have any elected officials like him in Wisconsin anymore.

However, recently someone has caught my attention in our state Senate race.

Austin Scieszinski reminds me a whole heck of a lot of old “Prox.” I’ve seen him seemingly everywhere, introducing himself and inviting people to share their concerns. He even came to my door! I believe that, just like Proxmire, Austin is ready, willing and very able to take actions on our concerns.

I believe Austin Scieszinski can be the next Bill Proxmire. He is out working hard to meet people and put his focus on them.

Go get ’em, Austin! I look forward to having you represent us in the state Senate.



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