Your Views: Vote Janis Ringhand for her work ethic, cooperative mindset

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The 15th Senate District will be best represented by Janis Ringhand. Janis has a proven track record through her service as Evansville’s mayor and alderwoman and in the state Assembly for steadfastly advocating for all of her constituents, regardless of political affiliation.

Janis is one of the few politicians in our state (and country, for that matter) who serves the best interests of each of her constituents by thoroughly researching issues and voting for what is best for the district she serves as a whole and not based on party lines. Janis has historically worked cooperatively with her colleagues in the state Assembly, including those from other political parties to draft legislation that is in the best interests of our state. How refreshing!

Not only do we need Janis in the 15th Senate District, we need more politicians with her work ethic and cooperative mindset in all levels of government. Please join me in voting for Janis Ringhand on Aug. 12.



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