Your Views: Robert Spoden’s record shows he deserves another term as sheriff

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sheriff Robert Spoden deserves another term as Rock County sheriff.

He has done an excellent job of balancing programs and initiatives with cost. He is always willing to give credit to his staff for their participation and contributions to the citizens of Rock County through their work. He expects a high standard of performance from his staff, as do the citizens of Rock County. He empowers his staff to look for and pursue grants and other possible funding to help fund programs and services for the taxpayers of Rock County.

Several programs are being done in Rock County since Sheriff Spoden took office. He has been a promoter and partner to many in the alternatives-to-incarceration programs—the expansion of bracelet, Drug Court and Weekender programs, just to name a few. These programs not only save taxpayers money but encourage better citizenship by participants.

A good leader delegates to responsible and capable people. Sheriff Spoden has encouraged education and professionalism for his staff. The taxpayers of Rock County are the winners.



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