Your Views: Our election history suggests Austin Scieszinski is not ‘too young’

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

We’re fortunate to have a young, energetic, educated candidate willing to serve as our state senator. To those who think Austin Scieszinski is “too young,” please consider the ages at which the following politicians began their careers in our state Legislature:

Assembly Speaker Walter Kunicki, age 22; Gov. Martin Schrieber age 23; Congressman (approximately 41 years) David Obey, age 23; four-term Gov. Tommy Thompson, age 24; Gov. Scott Walker, age 25, cabinet member Dan Schooff of Beloit, age 25; U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, age 29; Gov. Tony Earl, age 29.

All of these public servants went on to higher political positions but began their careers serving in the Legislature in their 20s. Austin’s education (a degree in financing and accounting from UW-Madison), his experience working in the Legislature for Sen. Tim Cullen, his involvement in his family business, and his involvement in local activities compares favorably to that of any of these successful public servants. At a higher level, people of this district 16 years ago chose to send Paul Ryan at age 28 to Congress, where he had worked as an aide.

Whether people agree or disagree with the political positions of these politicians, their records show that regardless of their party they served their constituents and people of this state very capably. Austin Scieszinski possesses the education, experience and maturity to be an excellent senator. We need the vigor and fresh approach of this talented, hardworking young man in our Legislature.


McDonald Law Office, Janesville

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