Sound Off for Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

On Jerry Schuetz’s hiring: Regarding Tuesday’s editorial, if The Gazette would have a good investigative reporter who did homework and talked to the correct people and/or investigated emails through open-records requests, you would find out that some of your statements may not be true.

-- We had a range of $70,000 to $80,000, and we pay him $82,000. Why? The biggest question is why do we need the job in the first place?

-- I agree with questions raised in Doug Welch’s letter to the editor about the Milton School District’s hiring of Schuetz. I’m suspicious because of the timing between the job posting May 23 and offer to Schuetz by July 2. It seems speedy. To top it off, $2,000 was added to the maximum salary range.

-- Schuetz should resign from his new job. Milton is running nothing but a big scam.

On 15th Senate District seat: Russ Feingold, Paul Ryan, Tommy Thompson were all elected in their 20s. Austin Scieszinski is the best candidate in the field, and I’m voting for him.

-- Mike Sheridan has the most experience. He made a career out of working for middle-class families, and I know he will be the best senator for all of us. I appreciate the fact that he’s run a positive campaign and know that he will be willing to work with others to get the job done.

-- I voted for Sheridan in 2010 because I liked him. Now come to find out he sold out on redistricting reform and payday loan regulations. I’m not making the same mistake twice.

-- What has Janice Ringhand accomplished while serving as a legislator? There’s a reason nobody has heard of her. She has just been a seat filler.

-- I am voting for Ringhand. She’s smart and hardworking. She knows what Wisconsin people want and need. She deserves your vote because she’s the best candidate.

On veteran’s care: In reference to your article about the veteran who wasn’t disabled enough to qualify for home adaptation (Page 1A, Monday), I will pray for Deanna and Francis and their families. I know from experience with Medicare disability that you can only rely on yourself and God.

On “no wake”: There is a reason for the “no wake.” Boats that are putting in don’t seem to follow the rules, so why don’t they just put chains across the launches so people on the river aren’t getting shorelines washed away? It’s ridiculous how much water they are putting in everybody else’s yard for being so inconsiderate.

On south side: A new pizza place is coming in on South Center Avenue. We already have like five pizza places. I hope the guy that bought the parking where the Job Center is has other ideas, like KFC or an Arby’s. We’ve got enough pizza places.

On riverfront plans: The front page July 15 says “Work on the Rock Renaissance Area Redevelopment and Implementation Strategy continues.” What an imposing mouthful. Sounds like more doom and gloom. Why not give it some life, like “Rehab in the Rock”?

On Monterey Hotel: Jim Grafft and his family have had 18 years to do something with this building, and I blame the lackadaisical attitude of the city. Grafft was owner of the Rock County Jail on Water Street that deteriorated so badly it had to be torn down. Grafft has no interest in fixing up these properties. It’s one excuse after another.

-- Regarding Page 1A Wednesday, 18 years of owning the building is enough time to fix it up. For Britten Grafft to suggest they are waiting on a permit when the city says no application has been filed is deceiving. I would say go ahead and fine them for the theater. We don’t need eyesores like this.

On plantings: Thank you to K&W Greenery for providing and planting the beautiful flowers on the median strip of Highway 14 in front of their property. It’s really nice.

On good Samaritan: I would like to thank the young lady who gave me a ride Monday from Sentry on East Milwaukee Street when I locked my keys in my car. She was kind enough to give me a ride home and then take me back so I could get my car. She would not take any money.

On Sen. Baldwin: Does everyone understand that Tammy Baldwin is very pro-abortion and wants absolutely no restrictions to getting one whatsoever?

On homeless: I get sick of hearing about people thinking homeless people and poor people are all lazy. When you have no money and Gov. Walker keeps denying medical assistance and puts money in the wrong programs, it gets depressing to sit with no money and no job.

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