City council says no to flying U.N. flag, encourages peace pole

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Andrea Anderson
Saturday, July 19, 2014

WHITEWATER—The Whitewater Parks and Recreation Board will consider displaying a peace pole after the city council amended a resolution that claimed the city had an obligation to fly the United Nations flag outside City Hall, a council member said.

The Whitewater City Council rescinded the portion of the 1971 resolution that said, effective October 24, 1971, the city would fly the U.N. flag alongside the United States flag “as a symbol of our obligations as world citizens,” near the main entrance of City Hall, according to the 1971 council minutes.

Betty Refior, a long-time Whitewater resident, brought up the topic to the city council at the June 17 meeting. She said the city has an obligation to display the flag because it made a promise.

At the June city council meeting, several council members said attitudes towards the U.N. have changed, and they voiced concerns about flying the U.N. flag because it could create controversy.

At the June meeting, the council postponed a decision until Tuesday's meeting.

City council member Lynn Binnie said discussion Tuesday was minimal and echoed the June meeting in that the council “felt it was too partisan of an issue” to fly the U.N. flag and that the peace pole is a viable alternative.

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