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Friday, July 18, 2014


On riverfront development: Wow! So this is why the city wants the parking plaza gone so bad? They have been playing with little scale models like little boys. Too bad we taxpayers are going to be stuck paying for it.

-- Truthtelller

 -- It is great to see people who believe in Janesville put forth a plan that will benefit this city for years. Not all will come to pass; but it is a start, and somewhere down the line other people will start to come forth with ideas to help our city, not keep it in the doldrums that some want to keep it in.

-- RetArmy

-- There is much more to Janesville than just this small area downtown. They seem to have plenty of money for downtown but, unlike Beloit, will charge homeowners to trim/remove trees on the city-owned terrace in front of your house.

-- buyusa

-- I like the placement of “C,” the kayak launch in the top diagram. I have always heard the best place to launch a kayak is near as possible to the top side of a dam.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

On city's five-year strategic plan: Any new ideas on how to save money?

-- buyusa

-- Good idea! It is about time we had a plan. But more libraries?

-- new user

-- Where exactly are the two bypasses going to be?

-- John Hoffland

On Monterey Hotel: A general eyesore and a pock on the city administration. How does Grafft get by with this?

-- new user

-- Jim Grafft is full of dreams and ideas but doesn't seem to put his money where his ideas are. … The city has been too lenient with Mr. Grafft going back to the old county jail on Water Street. How can the Monterey Hotel not contain code violations? No one believes there is a conspiracy at City Hall, nor does anyone believe city officials are “monsters.”

-- Nick Danger

On courthouse tower: Take it down. Replace it with a flagpole displaying an American flag (as large as the one at Perkins), and a Wisconsin flag. That would be more impressive than a fake tower.

-- wislady

-- Too bad they couldn't take down the whole addition and start over. That was a design fiasco from the beginning.

-- *****

-- The county board approved the plans. The contractor builds it according to plans. So the county board is responsible for the useless tower. This is what happens when the county has a building committee that doesn't know anything about building construction and tries to cut corners to save a dime.

-- Beverly E. Blank

 -- The rectangular design of the tower juxtaposes nicely with the roundishness of the rest of the building. Maybe the people who want to save the gas station and the chapel can begin fundraising efforts.

-- NewerTestament

On veteran's wife critical of VA's care: Shame that the VA is more interested in cost savings than life saving!

-- RetArmy

-- Mrs. Hatch needs to get a psychiatrist to order that Francis be flown to the Minneapolis VA. And she should contact (Congressman) Ryan's office once again in regards to this matter.

-- NewerTestament

-- As a veteran qualified for care at the VA, I have had nothing but positive experiences. You have to take it for what it is, assembly-line health care. Efficient but not personal. If you like those person-to-person chats with your doctor about health in general, you won't be happy.

-- Nick Danger


To Greg Peck: This summer I have seen many more baby rabbits running around than at any time in the past. Chipmunks are also taking over.

-- sleeponit

-- More rabbits, a result of the leash law on cats. I have a multitude of them around my house, and when the cats were allowed to roam rarely saw any. They also effectively dealt with other pests, too.

-- Robert Reinke

-- Glad to hear of your victory against the varmints. A pack of vicious rabbits was terrorizing our garden earlier this year. The beasts regularly ate up any growth on the Brussels sprouts, beans and corn. A Rutgers University web page recommended covering the plants with a mixture of bone meal and pepper. It has worked like a charm.

-- areuter

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