Your Views: Robert Spoden is candidate with impeccable record as sheriff

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The office of sheriff is an elected position created under Article VI, Section 4 of the Wisconsin Constitution. Duties of sheriff include maintaining the jail and all prisoners; attending upon circuit court; serving process and foreclosed property; enforcing orders of the department of safety and professional services relating to the sale, transportation and storage of explosives; and rescuing and recovering human beings in waters, according to Statute 59.27.

Moreover, Statute 59.28 requires the sheriff to keep and preserve peace in his or her county.

Under history of Statute 59.28, the attorney general opined a sheriff may not unilaterally withdraw investigative services to an urbanized town because the town maintains its own police force. Therefore, by statute, the sheriff is required to enforce all laws throughout his or her county, while working concurrently with local law enforcement officials. Navigating through this quagmire of jurisdictional hegemony requires a sheriff to be diplomatic, compassionate and astute. These qualities are in addition to what voters may wish from their sheriff, such as being well-educated, honest, opportunity-focused, transparent, fiscally responsible and community-centric.

Although one could argue electing a sheriff is counterintuitive in today's environment of recruiting and retaining the most effective and efficient managerial leaders possible, the fact is the sheriff remains an elected position. As such, an incumbent sheriff with an impeccable record is subject to onslaughts for purposes of personal political expediency.

On Aug. 12, I ask you to join me in voting to re-elect Sheriff Robert Spoden.



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