Your Views: Shake things up, share pain or Janesville's visions are meaningless

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mission statements, goals, visions, riverfront walkway—yikes! This isn’t a Fortune 500 company; it’s a town that borrows and spends more than it has and continues to have a crumbling infrastructure. Some thoughts to start with:

-- More consolidation of city departments.

-- Trash, snow removal and landfill to lowest bidder.

-- Convert all city vehicles to compressed natural gas.

-- Downsize buses to a size that looks like they actually have more than six riders.

-- Partner more with the county, Milton, Edgerton, Beloit and the town of Beloit for services in expanding areas.

-- Make an effort to find large corporate sponsors for city-owned amenities, parks, properties.

Certainly I will be told there are many reasons we can’t do any of the above, and more. Well, guess what? We need to shake things up now, share the pain of change, or the visions for 2020 will be meaningless.



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