Sound Off for Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On city’s strategic plan: Building two highways that bypass our city (Page 1A, Sunday) seems very counterproductive if our goals are to bring tourists and visitors into our town to help with our economy. Just look what happened to Milton.

-- I see they want to build two more bypasses around Janesville. They must want to keep tourists out of our town.

On Milton hiring: Are you really kidding me? We make an $80,000 job in the school district for a position that we don’t need, never had? I thought we were supposed to save money. What is our school board thinking?

On Janesville fireworks: People have exclaimed how other towns’ fireworks are so great. Janesville fireworks are not maybe the greatest but they are the best they can do at this time. If people don’t like them, throw a few dollars in the kitty and improve them, or if you don’t like what you see, go to another city, but don’t keep harping on it.

On courthouse tower: It was a waste of money from the beginning.

On health coverage: Page 2A Friday on Sen. Cullen’s Democratic radio address included talking points about the alleged number of uninsured, loss of jobs and increased rates because Walker refused to take Medicaid money. There is no coverage gap in Wisconsin. The Gazette should also print the Republican response to these bogus talking points.

On 15th Senate District race: I’m sick of political candidates saying one thing and doing another. Janice Ringhand is the only candidate for the district that has a proven record of honesty and keeping her promises. She’s served as an alderwoman, mayor of Evansville and now as a state representative. We can count on Ringhand in the Senate.

-- A letter on Page 4A Saturday shares the silly idea that you have to start somewhere and that should mean at the top of state government. If Austin Scieszinski wants to start somewhere, he should probably get some experience and learn how government works rather than just hanging around the Capitol and then wishing we would vote for him.

-- I am supporting Scieszinski because I’ve known Sen. Tim Cullen and know he would not lead us astray on anything. I’ve known Tim for 50 plus years and also want to wish him good luck in retirement.

On homeless: On those two homeless men walking arm and arm in the paper, the way they look, they’ve had too much of that vodka they’ve been drinking. They should forget about being homeless and go to work.

-- A Sound Off caller Sunday about the story on the homeless guy said if he can drink vodka he can get a room and a job. I was just wondering if that was an offer to this homeless man because jobs aren’t that easy to find, even for those of us who aren’t homeless.

-- The president wants billions to help illegals, but we can’t help our own homeless. How sad.

On corporate subsidy: Gov. Walker was in Janesville, and the state gave United Alloy a variety of subsidies, including a $500,000 forgivable loan. In other words, United Alloy doesn’t have to repay it. When I refinance my house, I’m going to ask the banker if the mortgage is forgivable. Or maybe I’ll just ask Walker to forgive it like he did United Alloy.

On drunken driving: In response to Sunday’s Sound Off, I received my only DUI in Florida. You get your license taken away a year, six months’ probation, 30 days in jail and a three-day class. This is mandatory. If Wisconsin started having stricter drunken driving regulations, we wouldn’t have so much drunken driving here.

On code inspections: I was unimpressed with Scott Angus’ Editor’s Views on July 6. If you are a blue-collar worker or a man who runs a business, you have a right to your opinions, even though Angus thinks you do not, and his buddies are great, but the other people are reaching out and doing the wrong thing.

On speeders: I’m on Deerfield Drive in front of Home Depot, and I was wondering if the Janesville Police Department knows that some people use this road as a cut-through from one end to the other because they go way over the limit.

On cemetery help: This is Tom Stehura, president of the Janesville Patriotic Society. I would like to thank everyone who came out Saturday to Oakhill Cemetery and helped the society remove the flags that were on the veterans’ graves. We put about 2,000 flags out a year, and to have people come out and volunteer their time is greatly appreciated.

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