Your Views: Immigration today isn't like immigrants coming in past

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Americans are bombarded daily with articles and images of the immigration travesty taking place at our southern border. National media portray the border crossings as nothing more than a new wave of immigrants seeking better lives and remind us that we must have compassion because, after all, we're a nation of immigrants.

But that's where image and reality separate. Those crossing the border today aren't like the immigrants of our past. Immigrants came to America from around the world, seeking freedom. They pledged their fortunes, families and futures together in the nation they now call home. The phrase “e pluribus unum” (out of many, one) was the needle that wove the fabric of America, and their shared pride and patriotism pulled that diverse group of people together as one, stimulating inventiveness and leading this nation to become an economic powerhouse.

Today's border crossers are not seeking freedom, but free things. A 2012 report by the Center for Immigration Studies showed that more than 57 percent of Mexican immigrants were collecting welfare. That number continues to swell as their leaders promise them the “trinity of American freedoms”—free housing, free food and free health care.

Racist leaders such as Dagoberto Ibarra, former president of La Casa de Esperanza, unleashed a tirade against opponents, accusing Americans of being Nazis and the KKK, and calling Obama the n-word. These are the people who support the assault on our sovereign borders, and the Obama administration silently watches from the sidelines.



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