Your Views: Austin Scieszinski seems like shining star in state Senate race

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Monday, July 14, 2014

I’ve been reading remarks about Austin Scieszinski’s age as a disqualification to run for office. I am at the opposite end of the age scale, and I often hear the remark “age doesn’t matter.”

I’m very pleased to see a young man interested in his government. At his age, he has shown his strength for the job. One hot, humid day he walked our neighborhood knocking on doors to speak to the people he would serve. As he left, he handed out a card, which states what he stands for and some life experiences.

One thing that caught my attention was protecting our environment. That stands out about as much as his age when compared to our past and present elected officials, who have done nothing and don’t seem interested in cleaning our environment to provide a healthy place for our children and the next generation.

His education in finances is also a big plus. Most of our government officials seem to have little knowledge of finances.

This young man seems to be a shining star lighting the path to better days.



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